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For intermediate learners and aspiring polyglots

The grown-up way to learn a language.

Tired of childish cartoons and unrealistic sentences? It's time to start immersing in real-world content. Read a handful of Tweets every day, and you'll learn the authentic vocabulary and cultural context that most apps will never teach you.

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How it works

Immerse in authentic content

Login with Twitter to access a curated selection of accounts, from news and cultural media to memes and jokes.

Legible helps you understand how your language is used in the real world - not a fake cartoon universe.

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Define words with the Legible Dictionary

An elegant dictionary designed for social media immersion. See parts of speech, different meanings, example sentences, and native audio from Wiktionary.

Legible makes it smooth to look up words, so you can stay engaged with a stream of new content from social media.

Turn Tweets into flashcards and review at the optimal time

Combine the power of spaced repetition and the rich context of a Tweet to expand your vocabulary.

Want to retain what you looked up? Turn the Tweet into a flashcard.


Why Legible is great for intermediate learners

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